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Tech on the road

So yes, you have a diagram in your head that makes you prepare everything before leaving abroad – check out every detail about your trip since the first step on the street. And the “tech-kit” always appears on the list: the MP3 device is there as well as the digital photo camera, the GPS, your cell phone on roaming and even a 110/220v charger if anything (else) fails.

And you are wondering which is the real damage the 118 gadgets you´re carrying will have. Well, those gadgets could tragically use up, exhaust andrest in the consumed-batteries dream, just in the middle of a twenty-hour journey. Don´t bother in forseeing this – it will happen, it´s destiny.

But not everything is so simple. You´ve already felt anxiety when your iPod stopped functioning just at the top of the hill where you were trying to listen the 10 tracks of The Dark side of the Moon in a row – dreaming in front of a dry landscape. And faith didn´t have to do with it. Faith didn´t make you covering your cell phone with mud, while you were desperate trying to send a SMS that will never be received.

Even though you´ll remember it during the trip, you won´t be able to avoid the fact that you will take photos of Buenos Aires – and the 25 Gbmemory card won´t ever be enough (as well as the time spent organizing the 2.146 files). So, the question arises: when companies will create a device with enough capacity to take unlimited photos, to carry unlimited songs? The answer is unforeseen but logical: “Not in this trip”. Thus, you end up uploading enormous amounts of images in a poor little web site that will suffer the barrage of information and repeated-out-of-focus photos.

Or even worse, you start writing for your blog the travel experience without finishing it. The anecdotes are foolish and incomplete, but you´ll feel the great pleasure on inmortalizing this thoughts to your five virtual fans (not including your).

(“Everyone do this”, you might say and it makes you feel better. Meanwhile, you try to enter into the other e-mail account, because you forget the main one password. Then you realized that you chose the same 16 character password for both. It is not a birth date, not a telephone number, not an intuitive word – maybe it is a teen prerrogative from your last acne anger. Calling: “Hi, mum? Could you check-out my notebook? I need a word from there…”).

Earlier you reviewed thousands times the Google Earth´s maps, because your friends told you about “forbidden zones” in the city. But as soon as in the distance you make out a Wi-Fi zone sticker on a shop window, you enter into that bar, connect to Internet and add the marker in the map. Because you´ve been there, just where you weren´t suppose to go (after asking to four people for directions, because you already had the map and only used it to inevitable get lost).

As if that weren’t enough, you anticipate to your friends some of your adventures, through one or two of the 21 social networks you signed up to. And you do so, looking forward having twitters and chats feeling the echo of your amazing journey. Then you realize that you need them more than they were expecting to hear from you (they still love you, silly boy, but have their own lives!).

At the end of the day, you return to the room and receive the worst of the news: your MP3 is still charging and still miss the Playstation.


Tech on the road

Tech on the road

La nota fue editada por MI amigo Fernando A eme de a ene (Amdan). En su versión original, a continuación:

Tecnología en el camino

Y si, tenés un esquema en la cabeza que te hace prepararlo todo, tener tu viaje listo desde que pones un pie en la calle: tu reproductor mp3,

tu cámara digital, tu gps, tu celular en roaming y hasta un cargador 110/220v por si algo falla, es decir, por si alguno de los 250 gadgets

que transportas en tu travesía decide -así, sin más- agotarse y hecharse a descansar el sueño de las baterías gastadas.

Pero claro, no todo es tan fácil. Ya sentiste la desazón de que tu iPod deje de sonar justo en la cima del cerro, allí donde tenías planificado escuchar los diez temas seguidos de The Dark side of the Moon soñando frente al árido paisaje. Pero no, el destino nada tuvo que ver con eso. El no te obligó a embarrar tu celular para enviar un mensaje de texto que nunca llegará. Por más que lo recuerdes en este viaje, no podrás eludir el hecho de querer fotografiar Buenos Aires y tus 25GB de memoria en la cámara digital no alcanzan.

Y si, la pregunta surge: cuándo crearán un medio con la capacidad suficiente como para sacar todas las fotos sin borrar ninguna. La respuesta es

impensada pero lógica: no en este viaje.

Sos así, revisaste mil veces los mapas en Google Earth porque tus amigos te advirtieron que hay zonas donde mejor no circular. Y ni bien cruzas un bar con el sticker de Zona WI-FI entras, te conectas y agregas el marcador; porque estuviste ahí, justo donde tenias aconsejado no ir (todo después de preguntar a cuatro personas, porque viste el mapa tres veces y sólo sirvió para perderte).

Como si fuera poco, elaboras el relato de la travesía para tus amigos mediante alguna de las 25 redes sociales, sólo para que los twitters o chats sean eco de tus desventuras… No, nada, ellos están trabajando, ocupados. No tuvieron el tiempo de ver que te metiste de lleno en lo que podríamos llamar “la tecnología”.



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